onsdag den 4. juni 2008

Itching And Rash Folk Remedies

Itchy skin is definitely one of those things that can drive you mad! And, of course when you itch the first thing you do is scratch, but scratching just irritates the skin even more and too much scratching can lead to an infection.

One of the main causes of itching is dry skin, but it is sometimes caused by rashes, allergies and even some medications that you take. But, no matter what the cause one of these herbal remedies will keep you itch free!

You can help relieve itching and stress at the same time with a nice hot bath! Many things can be added to the water to soothe the skin such as peppermint, a cup of white vinegar or 2 Cinnamon folk remedycups of oatmeal.

Make a fine paste with equal amounts of cinnamon powder and honey and apply to the affected area.

Neem is a great herb for all kinds of skin problems. You can massage neem oil on the skin or boil some neem leaves in a small cooker and then pour it into your bath water.

Tea tree oil is another good solution, apply it with a cotton ball three times a day for quick itch relief.

Witch hazel relieves itching by acting as an astringent, just pour some on a cotton ball and apply.

St Johns Wort folk remediesSt John’s Wort is also a great way to refresh the skin, it’s astringent properties will moisturize a itchy area providing relief.

Aloe Vera skin remedyBy now most all of us know the wonderful affects that Aloe Vera has on the skin. It is best used from the plant leaf, but if you don’t have an Aloe Vera plant, the gel will work fine.

The anti inflammatory, anti-microbial properties found in chamomile essential oil will soothe and heal irritations and itching.

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